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Reclain the city

reclaim the city


Creating Liberated Zones

Creating Liberated Zones

Facta Non Verba follows our need, to breathe, coordinate and create in the public space of our city, to listen to it and experience it with a clear and renewed look...

Sunday  4 

December 2022

11.00 - 14.00






Station 5 th:


Upper City

Reclaim the city:

Creating Free Zones

Station 5 th:


Upper City

Sunday 4 December 2022

Κυριακή 30 

Απριλίου 2023

11.00 - 14.00 


Creating Liberated Zones

Κεντρική ιδέα:

Η δράση βασίζεται σε μια περιήγηση-ξενάγηση στο ιστορικό μνημείο του Γεντί Κουλέ, κάνοντας μια διαδρομή σύνδεσης με τον χρόνο, τον χώρο και την ιστορία μέσα από θεατρικά και ενεργειακά εργαλεία.


In an attempt to connect Nature and History and through a therapeutic prism, we will tour the paths of Jedi Kule and listen to hear the stories he has to tell us.


We will approach the qualities of winter, we will explore its element which is water and the emotions associated with it in negative and positive vibration, fear and kindness.

And through these synapses, we will connect with the most painful, perhaps, part of our history and we will try to understand the relationship with ourselves and the other.


Station 5 th:


Upper City

Στάση Επταπύργιο

A few more words about the project:


Reclaim the city

The idea of ​​creating free zones for us is not new. In our twenty-year journey as a group, we have attempted several times to break the normality and build a bridge of communication between the public space, the inner world and our utopian space-time. 

We used the road as a Trojan horse to stir up sleeping consciences. At least that's what we envisioned. Guided by our socio-political and artistic concerns, we set the street as a field for expressing opinions and creating a democratic dialogue. Street theaters against globalization, against war, against state repression, for human rights, for diversity, for immigrants and refugees, for social struggles, for a world that we still think is possible. The one of solidarity, dignity and humanity. 


Today, after the collective introspection and reflection brought about by the dystopian pandemic we are experiencing, demonstrating the state of emergency we have reached as humanity now, we wanted to centrally include another key factor that we have been experimenting with in recent years: connection with the natural environment and the energy externally and internally. We listen to the vectors that run centripetally and centrifugally through our destination and awareness, we see with a different perspective, our connection with our self, with our surroundings and with the whole. We look multi-prismatic the city and the people who inhabit it, its macro-history and its micro-histories, the piece and the mosaic, the zero and the one. 

Our new project, therefore, whose first stop arose spontaneously, is moving on to its fifth stop and aspires to take place once a month, at least for a year, in various public spaces of the city. Each meeting will be announced with a call for participation, will be three hours long and will combine energetic tools with the group's original theatrical practices shaped by its 20 years of experience. Each stop will focus on different elements and creative stimuli. There will be free contribution, which is how our collective usually works. 


It is addressed to anyone who wants to move forward together on this path of exploration, search and creation of liberated zones inside and outside us, in this journey of re-appropriation of public space.


Because we must not forget that the limits that public space places on its use are an indicator of the democracy we have.

Δείτε προηγούμενες στάσεις του πρότζεκτ




Conception - planning - coordination

collective theater

improvisation - 




Elena Stamatopoulou is a director,

actor and teacher. 

Doctor of the Department of Theater

and postgraduate history researcher

of the Ionian University. 

Coordination of collective theatrical improvisation -




Eleni Daga is_a actor

and certified Yoga teacher. 

Graduate of the Department of Theater and the Department of Political Science.



There will be free contribution, which is how our collective usually works. The proceeds from the contributions go to our project "Agramithia", that is, the creation of an artistic eco-community in the foothills of the Pierian mountains.

Suggested donation: 20 euros

Information &

Registrations: ​

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