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"Everything that happens in our theater

occur because it accepts the behavioral models  of a homicidal society

and makes them look wonderful

still deals with many clichés

in a life of trials

makes the unbearable seem bearable

makes life look like

fun and enjoyable

and gives  easy solutions  and when I ask

because viewers allow this

I see with regret that this is exactly what is happening

because the life we lead is unbearable

and the fraud in scenes  is a consolation

although no one believes her

but people prefer to pretend it is true because then things may not be so bad

and so the theater of our times  is a place of fraud  and distortion, _cc781905-5cde-31948 bb3

what is happening there is a deception

of the middle class and  of the aristocrats

who want to be deceived

if you want to see the truth

you must be crazy, crazy enough

  to face the horror. "


Julian Beck _

FnV 2015



Do not speak, do .

It has been more than ten years since a group of people came together to unite our anxieties, our concerns, our dreams and our fears, our love for theater and freedom and Facta Non Verba was born. We considered and still consider ourselves amateurs: lovers of art and like true lovers we threw ourselves passionately into love, leaving no obstacle to discourage us. We spent endless hours in a basement  and learned to paint, to tile, to saw wood, to do what is possible to make our dream come true. Since then, of course, many things have changed and others have not. It is a conscious choice of the group to support and be supported, to communicate and co-organize with other social ventures that have as a priority the construction of a different and in our terms organization of life itself. And it is no longer a cliché to say that nowadays the choice to resist is imperative and timely.

Facta Non Verba  is an anti-authoritarian group and considers theater by its very nature to be a collective art based on the equal cooperation of free creators. Otherwise it can not exist. In this context we can not perceive  the creation and free expression as a product  which is sold and bought and promoted by the market. So we try to create a free zone from the trade, the institutions, and the entertainment industry. A group that does not accept grants, does not talk to the regime media, does not have a ticket. We also chose the free contribution as a channel of communication with the people who share with us their respective concerns. The contribution as solidarity in this project. As a sign of the need and desire to continue to have this project and as a proposal of a different approach to others for future projects.

A practical implementation of the triptych Self-Organization-Resistance-Solidarity.

Especially in our day when the necessity of having a different organization of our own life becomes more imperative, our initial choice becomes more substantial.

Finally, to thank all those who from time to time supported us and we still continue to create and communicate with the terms we have chosen. 

Facta non Verba  2015

FnV 2010





    _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d -b-the

for the theater and their common goal is the theater

in the service of social liberation,

we were fighting in a broken basement,

to make our vision a reality.

We learned to climb in scaffolding,

to paint oil paints, to paint tiles.

But what we have learned above all is

to collaborate and operate

within a collective.

     Because theater by nature

is a collective art  and only as such

can exist. 

From this point of view, only revolutionary rhetoric serves to squander

the delusion.  An excuse is being made

for lack of action.

     It may be time, now, for a

where we will be more peaceful. Methodical.

Clear. Immediate.  And energetic. 

To expand the spirit. 

To introduce big dreams. 

And we tried  to do it

and we try to do it.

     We considered and considered our team

ότι είναι μια πολιτική ομάδα με θεατρικό_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Orientation. A political group

belonging to the anti-authoritarian space.

Bet one: They are not used to it

such ventures in the specific area. 

No man's land.

     We decided to put ourselves

except  of the artistic system,

because we consider  that it does not serve

despite the culture  of domination.

That it is just a mechanism of dementia.

None of us believe in the thousand-word candy  that "things change from within".

So we never used the media either

this mechanism, nor its sponsorships,

nor its grants.


her performances and actions

only me my own media:

her posters and leaflets. 

The criticism we have received is that we lack

from the world the right to information

and that they finally watch our performances

our friends and our relatives. But we believe

and suggest the position that everyone chooses

its information and its communication channel.

There is no happier moment than this

that you look at the audience and see a mixed group of people who do not expect you to have fun.

facta non verba

Page 236, verse 115, book The life of the theater

Author:  Julian Beck

Do not speak, do .

     At the same time we went one step further. We decided to remove the concept

of the ticket. Of course, this does not mean

that what we do is great.

With the abolition of the ticket we oppose customer and consumer relations.

The relationship we seek to have with the public

is interactive and two-way.

We do not cost what we do. 

It is not a product. We do not even choose

the logic of the indicative  price,

to cover the cost of the show.

     We want the third

to contribute financially when it is an option

own and considers that such procedures

and ventures are important to happen. So here comes the review  which asks

if we had so many people if we had a ticket. 

This third bet is  and the most difficult.

Release the relationship between creation

and financial costs. Of this kind

the commercial relationship between free expression

and communication.

     The phenomenon of αd is frequent

to make this relationship possible.

Τη στιγμή που συμβαίνει όμως το αίσθημα της πληρότητας είναι διάχυτο. Μακάρι να μη χρειαστεί ποτέ να αναγκαστούμε_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to abandon our vision due to financial problems.

After all, we are quite stubborn

not to do that. We just want

to understand the difference between

in the free events of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and our performances.

     The last two years, Facta Non Ver

in a process of socialization and exchange

has set up two libertarian laboratories,

one theatrical and the other artistic expression,

while yoga classes are also held. Knowledge and experience are not property.

In this context, they are made

and the above courses.

In the same context have taken place  both libertarian festivals of theatrical expression

as a meeting place  and exchange.

     Because creation and free are not said, neither are they created, nor are they free.


FnV 2010

FnV 2002




To put our art in the vision

and not the ghost of freedom.

That's the reason we decided

to create the theatrical group

Facta Non Verba .

A team that works

in the context of anti-authoritarian collectivism

and does not accept authorities,  pioneers, intellectuals  and artistic elites.

Against the standards that are imposed

from the culture of domination

against ourselves 

and our insecurities,

we will try to walk

to the road

of social liberation.

Theater is by nature

an art on purely collective basis.

It is a ritual that has a purpose

to revitalize society.

Otherwise it has no reason to exist.

Today, in the service of power,

has lost its meaning and its power.

That is why the theater must become anarchist.

To regain its true purpose.

That of transformation, of knowledge,

of sensuality and clarity.

FnV 2 00 2

2002 - 2020


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