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Μαγεία_ Μαριάννα Γκουσδουβά_ Αρχή








May 2019

with the Marianna Gousdouva

A storytelling path

where the Woman digs

with Magic the cauldron of Healing.
herb .. her will
spells .. her knowledge
power .. life itself


woman   μαγεία _cc78b90-13cc

A reference journey with myth guides,

legends and tales in what was said

or written around the circle link:  


starting with antiquity,   crossing the Middle Ages,

reaching up to the first post-war years.

Photos from the show




Μαριάννα Γκουσδουβά_ Βιο

Snapshots from performances

Marianna Gousdouva   was born and raised

in a small village near the Pieria Mountains and Mount Olympus. He has been living in the city of Thessaloniki for years. He has been for eleven years in the self-organized theatrical group Facta Non Verba, in which he has attended lessons of Theatrical Laboratory: (Acting, History of Theater, Activation of Voice and Body)

and has taken part in group performances

as an actor.

Her love for the care of the childish look at every stage of human existence,

led her to paths that connect and disconnect art with healing. 

One of them is the telling of stories, myths and fairy tales. So he studied 

for two years at the School of Narrative Art: Center for the Study and Dissemination of Myths

and Fairy Tales, traveling to Athens. He then continued at the School of Education

in the Pedagogical and Teaching Adequacy Program of the University of Crete focusing

her dissertation on the following topic: Cultivation of Oral and Written Speech

in Education through Storytelling: Pedagogical Approaches.

During the search, he attended psychotherapy seminars,  Basic laboratory of drama therapy, non-violent communication, sound therapy, theatrical play, basic online cinema cinema, traditional dances, songs and continues ..

Since then he has been performing Fairy Tale Performances for Young and Old children, in schools, theaters, festivals, groups and celebrations. Lately he writes, sews and creates fairy tales with inspiration in rhythmic rhythm, guided by the union of the real with the imaginary in a rhythm of the past.

Fairytale storytelling:

Marianna Gousdouva

Friday 18 and Saturday 19 May at 21: 00  
Admission with free contribution.
The Show is Addressed to Older Children.

The show was repeated in November

Friday 2/11 at 22:00
Sunday 4/11 at 21: 00
Friday 9/11 at 22:00
Saturday 10/11 at 21:00

Posters of the show

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