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Kor_ Εκδήλωση_ Αρχή

March 2019

Discussion - Lecture on the Greek Civil War


 Market Spyros

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, AUTh.  

Mouratidis Paris

Doctor of History, Ionian University

Stamatopoulou Elena

director, Doctor of Theatrology, AUTh.


The meeting will start at 6.30 am at our place, 18 Valaoritou on the 7th floor

(entrance also by Leontos Sofou 20). Three scholars of the civil war in a different field

each, will define a more general multifaceted framework. A discussion will follow

with the public but also with the members of the project, where they will exhibit us

their concerns.

At 9.30 am the performance Kor, the first design, will start

of our theatrical experimentation. The show will be interactive

and there will be no specific and fixed number of seats-spectators in the space.

It will take about 45 minutes and after that, the team members would like to

to share with members of the public their experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

As for the reason we chose a Turkish word to describe

our first approach, you will learn it by smell.

Research Experimental 

project for him

Greek civil war

Work in progress



Facta Non Verba   presents the performance kör. The Turkish word for blind-or-everything

is the plan A of the theatrical, research and experimental project, work in progress

on the Greek civil war, which we have been working on since the middle of autumn 2018.

On Saturday, March 30, a few months later, we will open our experimentation

in touch. It's time to make a first attempt

to define the Theater of Communication in practice.

We chose the civil war in our country, because it is a period

that democracy was raped. An era that poisoned Greek society and brought it back

vampires of the past that everyone thought were dead. Because, then, our time

sounds creepy on the subject of vampires, we thought we should

to reflect through a creative prism on the Greek civil war,

so that we can learn from History for the benefit of life and not of death, of light

and not of darkness. Because theater is a common place for us

makes us better citizens and people.

Photos: Vassilis Kommatas


A short documentary on the occasion of the Discussion - Event on the Greek Civil War

which took place at the site of Facta Non Verba on 30/3/2019.

Camera, Direction, Editing: Vassilis Kommatas

One of the key pieces of the work we did was to relate a person-carrier of the civil war era to an object. Scenes from the second scene of Kör. Rehearsal material.


Conception-direction: Elena Stamatopoulou
Music: Savvas Metaxas 
Poster: Gra-fistiki DesignHouse


They play:
Evelina Vaiou 
Despina Gazi
Artemis Georgopoulou
Marianna Gousdouva
Sasha Dimitriadou

Dimitris Karoglou
Stelios Kosies

Angelos Kourepis
Lena Daga
Joanna Peftoulidou  
Elena Stamatopoulou  
Magda Togouri  
Panagiotis Tsiligiris  
Alexandros Tsonos

Yvonni Sigmati sings by Yvonne Stamatopoulou-Mavridou.


Poster of the event - presentation Kor

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