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Παραμυθία _ Αρχική


a story telling journey..

where woman mix
with magic the healing cauldron.. 
herb.. her will     
spells.. her knowledge       
power.. her very life      

Paramythia, through love for child's gaze, was led on paths

that connect and disconnect art and therapy.

strenght of

verbal speech



Story Tale


Storytelling performances for young and old children,

in Schools, Theaters, Festivals, in groups and celebrations..


Paramythia, through love for a child's gaze, was led on paths that connect and disconnect art and therapy.

She chooses to narrate because it is driven

by the power of the spoken word

from the depths of the centuries

which is enough now..

to give birth to the spark of expression

in the eyes of the people.


With a thread whose hue penetrates

the imaginary with the real,

the mythical with the historical part of folklore,

of every civilization on this earth.


Snapshots from
performances by


VIDEO  of Paramythia

Mythical fairy tales

in Olympus' waters.

Herbs, fruits of the Earth

  The Path of Medicines

NEWS of Paramythia


NEWS of Paramythia

NEWS of Paramythia

NEWS of Paramythia

Πληροφορίες _Παραμυθία

Marianna Gousdouva

Marianna Gousdouva was born and grew up in a small village near the Pierian Mountains and Mt Olympus. For years now, she’s been living in the town of Thessaloniki.

Since twelve years ago, she’s been a member of the self-organised theatre group Facta Non Verba, in which she has attended courses of Drama Workshops:

(Acting, Theatre History, Voice and Body Activation). She has participated in the group’s performances as an actress.


Her love for the nurturing of the child’s look at every stage of the human existence has led her towards paths which connect and disconnect the art with the healing. One of these is the narration of stories, myths and fairytales. 

So, she studied for two years in the School of Narrative Art of the Centre for the Studying and Spreading of Myths and Fairytales, travelling all the way to Athens. 

Then she went on to the School of Education Studies in the Programme for the Pedagogical and Didactic Competency of the University of Crete, focusing her dissertation on the following topic:

The Cultivation of Oral and Written Speech in Education Through Fairytale Narration: Pedagogical Approaches.

She is a member of the Events Curator of the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Narrators of Greece.

During her quest, she has attended seminars of psychotherapy, dramatherapy, nonviolent communication, sound therapy, theatrical games, permaculture, she took percussion, floghera (pipe) and traditional dance, singing classes, and she’s still going…

Since then, she has been staging Fairytale Narration Performances for Small or Older children in schools, theatre clubs, festivals, for groups of friends and feasts. 

As of late, she has been writing, sewing and molding with inspiration fairytales in metrical rhythm, guided by the unity of the real and the fantastical, in foregone rhythm.




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