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Που είναι η έξοδος;

Where is

   the output;


In collaboration with

the The Living Theater

and Initiative  for Communication .

May 2003

Street theater against the summit

of EU culture ministers

While they make, sell, distribute,

where Earth and where people. arms,

and store blood by killing dreams,  

we are trying to make a sky

in a few words.    

Three days of theatrical actions against the summit

of EU Ministers of Culture in Thessaloniki. 23-25 May 2003 .

In collaboration with the historical anarcho-pacifist theatrical group,

The Living Theater and the Communication Initiative.





Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (14)_edited.jpg

where is

the exit;


The original plan was to present

  • on Friday 23 May 2003,   a street theater

for human relations in Terpsithea square in Ano Poli,

next to the Occupy Black Cat

  • on Saturday 24 May 2003,   a street theater

for the authoritative constructions in Aristotelous square,

which was not announced on the poster for us to see

how it will work with a random audience and

  • on Sunday the 25th, a theatrical interaction experiment

with the audience on the very nature of theater

in the basement theater of Facta Non Verba.


Saturday 24   May 2003

Great moment for the history of our team.

A large street theater in Aristotelous Square.

27 people from 4 different countries.

Greece, USA, Italy, Germany. 3 different languages.

We played and in Tsimiski two khaki MAT squads were lined up.

The first act of Salonica 2003.

Our theatrical response against the culture of domination.

Friday 23   May 2003

The weather was not on our side. The days were hot

of intensive rehearsals and the skies opened for three days

of actions. The street theater of the first day did not take place

and they were both played together the next day.

And let's go to the third day experiment.

Sunday 25 May 2003

In the basement theater of the group, we looked for other answers.

We asked questions on the medium of the theater itself.

We divided the 200 square meters of the basement into many different areas, creating a hive feel. A different action took place in each hive. Even in the toilet. The audience was coming in

in small groups and followed the path he chose.

At some point, because it was queuing up at the Park Hotel and they started

to mobilize the police forces that attended

and the street theater of the previous day, we opened the doors

but unfortunately there were people who could not enter.

The truth is that part of the interaction with the audience

and his involvement in theatrical action was very important

in the first years of our operation.

All too often, members of the public expressed their fear

for what awaits them. The breaking of boundaries and the activation of all the senses, the ritual and the collective experience.

"Let the theater become the Trojan horse that will conquer the city"


Snapshots from

the performances,

Where is the exit;

FnV file


The Living Theater, the longest-lived, pacifist, anarchist troupe

and political theater, began in 1947, when Judith Malina

and Julian Beck decided to create a theater

poetry, a political theater that continues its course,

until today.

In this long-term action we distinguish different phases

depending on the orientation of the troupe. Although politics

dimension is evident in all stages, we can identify

variations both in the theatrical forms of their artistic

creation and the spaces that host them, as well as in the media

resistance to their targeting policy.


For The Living Theater see:


1948 - 2022



where is

the exit;

Video from the street theater Where is the exit 

played at Aristotelous Square in May of 2003.

 Thank you Nikos Nikolaidis for the download

and Paris Patsouridis for the rescue.

Where is the exit

Video from the experiment

of the third day


in the basement


on Sunday 25

 May 2003 .


Because  we do not have all the data

by the participants

and the participants,  

we share what we have

and the list will be updated.

Take part:

Gary Brackett

Mattias Kraemer

Christian Vollmer

Fausto Cerboni

Ilaria Lorusso 

Pina Ascione

Paola Della Ratta

Simona Cova

Virginia Siriu

Amy Mackay

Elena Stamatopoulou

Lena Daga

Alexandros Tsonos

Paris Patsouridis 

Thanos Papakonstantinou

Maria Theodosiou 

Life Shoot 

Clea Samantha 

Ίρις Νικολάου 

Marilena Gavriilidou

Anna Tzakou

Ismini Tsoumbari




Live Music :

Leonidas Palaskas 


Nikos Molyvas


Recorded music :

Chrysanthos Christodoulou

where is

the exit;



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Poster of presentations

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