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Η Ανάκριση  ​_Αρχή

the A interrogation

of Peter B ais

April 2013

Facta Non Verba uploaded the Interrogation of Peter Weiss,   with three different designs._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d on 24Dep - 31 of the 5th Liberal Festival of Theatrical Expression,   in our underground theater

at Dragoumi 65 and was repeated in November and December

of the same year.  It was the result of the Liberal Laboratory of Theatrical Expression, of that year.


The Inquisition of Peter Weiss, was presented at Fabrica Yfanet in a second design on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November 2014. Our first performance at _cc781905-5cde - 31b8bdf for 3 years, after the flood destruction of our underground theater in Dragoumi, in the spring of 2014 and we thank her very much for that.

 With the second plan of the Interrogation, Facta Non Verba participated in the 2nd festival of self-organized theatrical expression at_cc781905-5cde-3178 - b943b5555 2/11/2013 and a third plan was presented during the occupation of Matsangos in Volos on Saturday 20/12/2014.


Interrogation is a milestone for our history.

Our theatrical alarm for the rise of the far right.






A look on

World War II

the A interrogation

of Peter B ais

When memory is lost, the greatest crimes of humanity are repeated.

Reuters Pictures Archive


Facta non Verba


The struggle of memory against oblivion ...

the A interrogation

of Peter B ais

Text from the program

of the show .


Snapshots from the first design

of the show  the Interrogation 

in the basement theater of the group.



the A interrogation

of Peter B ais

Video of the show The Interrogation of Peter Weiss in Fabrica Yfanet in November 2014


the A interrogation

of Peter B ais


Translation: Petros Markaris

Direction-video: Elena Stamatopoulou
Lighting: Giannis Stagos

Sets - Costumes: Facta non Verba

Poster-program: Gra-fistiki

Distribution (In total in all three designs):

Christina Anthopoulou

Evi Apostolidis

Marianna Gousdouva

Sasha Dimitriadou

Maria Loukoumi

Lena Daga

Joanna Peftoulidou

Stergios Sakalis

Vassilis Skrimpas

Yvonne Stamatopoulou - Mavridou

Penny Tsikura

Alexandros Tsonos 

Chloe Hadjivaryti

Posters on presentations

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