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Εκδοχές Δημιουργίας



June 2009

Live music-theatrical 


by Facta non Verba

and Good Luck Mr. Gorsky.

A living attempt at creation

in the context of parallel free improvisation. Music and physical expression.

Kiki Dimoula's poem 'Creation Version' is a creative stimulus.

Ο music-theatrical improvisation

"Creation versions" presented 

at the 1st Liberal Festival of Theatrical Expression in the basement  group theater and in the social

space for freedom,   Micropolis.

In the beginning it was done yesterday ...

And the deception was made dressed as paradise ...

Birth. Year. Love. Dreams. Death...

The first beauties.

Eternity was chosen Miss World ...

He did not attend. Only endless night ...

Aaron, Aaron was made tomorrow.

But it was too late. '






"I'm safe," he told contractors
Inside, things will stay as they are.
Minor changes only on the front I allow.

In the beginning it was done yesterday.

Quickly, just the insightful sense
seeing the day built exploded
alas, how small you are.

You are not enough for even one person loneliness.

The clay was disturbed. What happened;
In the plans the day seemed endless.
I saw it loaded with plinths and houn
a suspicious orange van.
Dirty work of the west?

The manufacturer is missing.

The decorative delight was urgently called then
Special to grow over time
such as small spaces mirrors.

And the deception was done.
Dressed paradise:

Water deep, guitarists streams
the dome up with blue local
clothing of the distance crumpled
hamlets, settlements, resorts of chanting
high on the swing peaks
lower thickets orchards serpentine orchards
flutes that hypnotized poisonous apples
cicadas lasting all four
maybe more hot seasons I do not know
when i arrived i was cold
balancing dewdrops on leaflets
poppy Cossack dance figures
the rembasmos sucking to suck
with his straw layered gaseous nightingales
the vagina with a very slit on the side
crimson fig leaf dancing
with a nostalgic immigrant speech
and obedience
sewn on the same seamstress as deception
also dressed as paradise.

The first beauties.

Eternity was chosen as a world.
He did not attend.

And it happened again yesterday.
Not to be lost like the previous one
accompanied by the photos below.

The duration fell breathlessly.
They thought how he slept.
She was beaten and buckets of kisses were thrown at her.
Only endless night.

And the first bipedal sob was heard.
The apple had bitten him.

Which was the first aid of dreams.
Weren't they given priority?
Error. Every majestic clay adventure
at first she molds her wounded.

Aaron Aaron was made tomorrow.
But it was too late.




Kiki Dimoula





Our favorite musicians who played under different names

in various shapes: inverz, one mile tar, Good luck Mr. Gorsky 

but for us, Thanasis, Savvas and Spyros.

A beautiful collaboration that lasted years. The children rehearsed in the basement, organizing concerts and happenings

in the same basement, opening a different communication channel

with the city and wrote music for our performances,

every time we asked them for it at the last minute.

We support each other and cooperate every time

given the opportunity.

For the first time inverz and one mile tar wrote the music

for our theatrical composition: “Plan F: a dialogue with

Psychosis 4:48 by Sarah Kane " which was uploaded in two designs

in April 2007 and January 2008. Then,

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky and Eventless Plot wrote the music

for Pause in May 2008.

In June 2009, Facta Non Verba and Good luck

Mr. Gorski join forces and present

the musical-theatrical improvisation "Creation versions"

at the 1st Liberal Festival of Theatrical Expression in the basement

group theater and in the social space for freedom,


One mile tar will write the music for the show

"Suddenly Last Summer" by Tennessee Williams uploaded

Facta Non Verba in May 2011, while Savvas Metaxas

for "Kor, research experimental work in progress on

in the Greek civil war " , in March 2019.


G ood L uck

M r. G orsky

Live & Music Events by

Good Luck Mr. Gorsky

in Facta non Verba





Video of the show Creations Versions 

which was played in the social space Mikropolis

in June 2009.




In Creation Versions they improvise

musically Good Luck Mr. Gorsky :

Thanasis Papadopoulos 

Savvas Metaxas 

Spyros Emmanouilidis

and theatrically Facta non Verba :

Elena Stamatopoulou

Lena Daga

Alexandros Tsonos

Sasha Dimitriadou

Music : Good Luck Mr. Gorsky

Coordination : Elena Stamatopoulou

Lighting plan : Facta non Verba

Poster of presentation

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