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Το σπίτι στα σύνορα

the house above the borders _ _ _

May 2010

του Σ λάβομιρ  Μ ροζεκ


with a comic look

in the matter of borders

Facta Non Verba uploaded May 2010,  

The   house on the border  by Slavomir Mrozek.

The show was given in frames

of the 2nd  freedom festival of theatrical expression

and was a result of the work 

of the theatrical workshop coordinated by the group

that year.





Photos: FnV Archive


 from the show



Σ λάβομιρ  Μ ροζεκ

the house above _ _ _

at the borders _

VIDEO          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   

Video of the show:  The video recording is from the performances of the extension, on 4/3/2011.



Σ λάβομιρ  Μ ροζεκ

the house above _ _ _

at the borders _


The deeply political is also human. And the deeply individual diffuses into the whole. It is absorbed by the world and absorbs it.

This filter is the Window of everyone in the world.

You can keep it closed for years .... but ..... the world

will come to you. He will look

the piece he is missing.

Your piece.

  Scattered thoughts on the show:   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58_ 136bad5cf58d_          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   


Antoine Vitez wrote in a letter to Loula Anagnostaki shortly before May 1968 and on the occasion of this particular single act that "she saw behind her black glasses the calamity, the terror.

How did he understand everything? "And indeed Anagnostaki wrote the last part of her trilogy in 1965. Just two years before the dictatorship of the colonels. And today, in the year 2012, the differences are indistinguishable and thoroughly camouflaged.

The junta is not wearing a military cap but a technocratic mask. Every epitome of bourgeois democracy has vanished. The "pin" and the Kotzamanids of the 60's have been replaced by the paramilitary dogs of the Golden Dawn who unleash pogroms in the name of their rotten blood and the superiority of the shit they have for their brain, while the trash fascists are their bosses, members and those of a government that has not received any popular order, throw garbage day and night through the Mass Media, according to the saying of their Nazi mentor that the more times a big lie is told, the more credible it becomes.

Anagnostaki saw the terror and the calamity. We see apathy, debauchery and ignorance. We chose this particular one-act play because it resists all of this. It is absolutely relevant today that history repeats itself as a farce and reminds us once again that in the end no one is going to escape from a system that gives birth to and reproduces premature death. Authority. And how much more today that she has started to show off her blue and white costume.



These two children want to grow up, but at the same time they are afraid

to do so, suffice to daydream and declare to each other

their fascinating stories, what they want.

But they do not feel ready to make them a reality. They do not communicate to the extent that one would expect them to

two brothers living in the same area.

Their actions and their desires are watered down

from guilt and insecurity.

It is this closed, lonely world very clearly life and deeds

of the modern caged man,

who suffocates.


Σ λάβομιρ  Μ ροζεκ

the house above _ _ _

at the borders _


Σ λάβομιρ  Μ ροζεκ

the house above _ _ _

at the borders _



Σ λάβομιρ  Μ ροζεκ

the house above _ _ _

at the borders _







Direction-video: Elena Stamatopoulou

Kinesiology: Nancy Stamatopoulou

Lighting: Giannis Stagos

Drums: Jorge Kakutopoulos

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