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Μαίρη Μαραγκουδάκη
Mary Maragoudaki

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Mary Maragoudaki is an actress and theatre director. She graduated from the theatre school of Akis Davis. She is certified as an adult educator, planning educational programs for adult and minor learners from the Pantheon University and from the Kapodistrian University. She is a founding member of the art company Modus Faciendi and Calderone. She has created the theatre workshop of Calderone where he has been teaching since 2010. Since 2001 he has directed more than 30 performances. She specializes in experimental theatre, writes, adapts or composes the texts for her performances. As an actor, she has worked in street theatre - physical theatre, contemporary theatre, performance, cinema and contemporary dance. As far as photography is concerned, she teaches model direction, image composition, art movements and image narrative/reading. For the past five years, she has been involved in artistic research and the interdisciplinarity of the arts. She has also attended courses and is involved in: marketing, social media, project management and SEO. She has internet marketing knowledge and experience in the subjects: content editing (canva or other related program), video editing, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, wordpress, social storytelling and business planning.

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